Friday, June 19, 2020

DM dug the invisible pond

 Report- Ravi Kumar Shukla


  The eldest officer of Auraiya district showed that for which perhaps you and you could never imagine.  The pen of the eldest sir, sitting on a chair with a storehouse of unfathomable knowledge, allegedly wrote such a white lie with black ink, which is currently the subject of discussion in the district.  Here is a report of a completely white lie written by the DM of Auraiya - This is the village in Auraiya district where hundreds of laborers are being given employment under MNREGA.  The migrant and local laborers who came to their homeland during the Corona period are being resorted to for employment in the village itself.  The MNREGA scheme is proving to be a life-giving for the workers.  Due to which the laborers are maintaining their families by working as laborers.  Nearly thousands of migrant and local laborers find work under the MGNREGA in 477 gram panchayats of the district, and talabo, link roads, and pit digging are going on in all gram panchayats.

 Now let's talk about the strange feat of the head of the district.  In the heat of 46 ° C, the laborers are working hard for the bread of June 2, while the DM Sahib is sitting in the AC room, writing white lies with black ink.  There is no doubt that the pond is being excavated in many villages of the district.  But there are many villages where the pond was not dug but Auraiya DM Abhishek Singh dug the pond in the papers and narrated the saga of his false success from the commissioner to the state's head Yogi Adityanath.  Not only this, dozens of likes have also been found on Twitter for the work of this lost pond of Sahab with fake photos.  The purpose behind the fake reporting sent to the government by such a big officer is that he can tell the same but the common people are seeing it as corruption.  Let us try to understand the whole matter.
 It is the case that under the Achalda block of Auraiya district, works are being done under the MNREGA scheme on the behalf of Eli Gram Panchayat.  In which the laborers are getting work in the village itself.  In the village, works like rough linkage and drainage have been done.  But DM Sahib was 10 steps ahead of Majduro.  Sir, 54 MGNREGA laborers dug such a pond in the Grampanchayat, which has no name anywhere.  That is, without digging the pond, DM Sahib dug the pond with his pen in the paper.  For his accolades DM Sahib also resorted to fake photos and sent the same photo to the government through Twitter.  The pond and the workers working in it are also seen on the Twitter handle of DM Auraiya.

  When the team of * India Hone * discovered the pond seen on DM Sahir's tweeter, neither our team nor the laborers of Gram Panchayat were visible on the ground.  When we asked the workers about this invisible pond, what was the answer? Listen.
 Even after this, our team continued to search for that invisible pond, we turned to the head of the village, when asked about this invisible pond, Pradhanji said that no pond is inscribed in the village panchayat Eli.  Listen--

 Now the question arises that why did such a big officer send fake report to the government?

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