Saturday, June 20, 2020

ended Corona's fear.


  Corona positive cases are increasing day by day in Lakhimpur Kheri district, where Corona has created a storm all over the world. After complete lockdown, there is no visible distancing in the markets, nor the faces of people visible.  But Max. People are leaving their homes as if they have got Karan's armor.  The fear of Corona has now vanished from the minds of the people. After getting the new corona case, Superintendent of Police, Poonam, the head of the police administration, ordered the city police to be fined and fined by the imprisonment.  What was the police at every intersection of the city, the police started to clamp down on those who did not put the Maqs.  So far, the police have done the work by invoking 40 people without putting a mark, especially these are also levers, and the poor people who are not able to buy them, they are also wearing them without any charge.


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