Sunday, June 21, 2020

Hey Corona, what have you done - even in the last journey of life, you took away your support….

 It is often the desire of every human being to do the last journey on four shoulders and the shoulder should be of his son or someone special.  But the Corona era also took away the rights from the people.  Due to Corona's panic in Baghpat, a person could not find any four-shoulder giver and Bhaisa kept his body in Buggy and took it to his own and the villagers' crematorium.
 This is the case of Khatta Prahladpur village of Baghpat where the body of a person named Sukhbir was kept in a buffalo buggy and carried to the crematorium.  Whose video is going viral.  Actually Sukhbir died of fever 3 days ago.  And a few days before that, his son also died due to high fever.  But at the last moment, Sukhbir was neither brought up on the shoulders of his son nor any of his acquaintances and his buffalo buggy was brought out for the final cremation, taking out the carcass.  According to people, the villagers suspected that Sukhbir's death was due to corona infection.  Because of which no one came to him.  Which clearly shows that the horror of the corona in the people is clear that it is clearing the people away from themselves even at the last moment.

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